What is the goal of effective distribution? A successfully fulfilled and delivered order to the all important end user on time and on budget. Whether your company distributes 1 product or tens of thousands the wrong order delivered at the wrong time costs you in time, money and reputation. Worse case scenario you do not have the goods your customer requires and they go someone else. It is a fact of business that keeping a customer is easier than getting a new customer. Effectively and efficiently analyzing your business is a key strength of our team. We at GWA have a team with a unique blend of industry and technical skills.

Making sure you have the right goods at the right time and accurately shipped out is the key to your success. Accurate inventory and supply planning is a key to success. We have the tools to help you have the correct elements in your chain.

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Orchid Bin Tracking

Not ready to automate but inventory management is vital. See what adding bin tracking software to your ERP can do to streamline your inventory and shipping and receiving. This simple add on will open up the functionality of your base inventory module.

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