At GWA we take a unique approach to Manufacturing software. We believe that any Manufacturing software should meet the demands of a growing manufacturing company. When your company is ultra-small, you can operate just fine without manufacturing Software. How? Because when you are small enough you can walk out into the shop and see everything that’s going on. The number of quotes, orders, jobs, and PO’s you deal with can easily be managed by one or two people.

But you grow to a point where you and your employees simply can’t keep track of things — no matter how hard you try and how many hours you work.

We believe that you need a Manufacturing Software when your very success threatens the company’s ability to survive. This is when you need a real manufacturing system.

Any manufacturing business needs four essential capabilities in its software.

  • Job & Product Costing – Know your costs.
  • Material Planning – Know what you make and buy.
  • Job Tracking – Know where your jobs stand
  • WIP Accounting – Know if you’re profitable

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A light manufacturing solution that integrates with Accpac OE, IC, PO & more!


Whether you are big or small, if you are in the manufacturing sector you have a really big problem if you don’t know how much it really costs you to produce your items. At GWA we start with the costing and move right through to production, shop floor control and scheduling. We need to roll up our sleeves and really dig in to find out what you really need.

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