Free your team from data entry and manual accounts payable. Sage AP Automation gives your remote team real-time visibility and control over invoices, as they progress from purchase through to payment. Reduce costs and risks with a more efficient and transparent AP process


How AP Automation Impacts Your Team

Reduce data entry by an average of 83%

Save $13 per invoice on your cost of managing AP

Your entire team can be involved in the AP process

Why Sage AP Automation?

Centralize AP online for multiple locations and legal entities

Save time matching purchase orders to invoices and receivables

Get 7-year secure storage in the cloud for all our AP documents

Instantly route approvals to remote team members

Easily approve and release vendor payments from home or the office

Automate your accounts payable in less than 6 hours

Purchase Orders:

  • Automate POs to track committed spend
  • Set and manage spend limits, by department, manager, project or vendor
  • Automatically match POs to invoices with 2 or 3 way match


  • See your monthly accruals in real-time and view invoices at any point in the approval workflow
  • Never lose an invoice with digital invoice storage
  • Easily search invoices by vendor, GL code, amount or legal entity
  • Customize your approval channels – reduce bottlenecks even for remote approvers
  • Reduce the risk of fraud and errors, ensuring only the right invoices are paid


  • Set up approval processes for vendor payments and easily view the status
  • Prevent errors and duplicate payments by eliminating manual processes
  • Verify which invoices have been paid with two-way sync
  • Leverage one-to-one reconciliation with Sage
  • Send payments directly to the vendor from your bank account

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Video Case Study: [NOTE: as we don’t yet have a 300 customer-specific video case study you can use either of the 3 below]
Connie H., AP Manager, Alabama Airport, Sage 100 customer:
Alistair E, Senior Product Manager, Sage 300:
Derek F., Financial Controller, Fatigue Science, Sage 50 Can customer:

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